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30 Day OC Challenge
So I've been watching M-Mannering doing an OC challenge, and I was inspired to do it as well. However, since her original challenge was only 15 days, which you can see here Challenges , I decided to do the usual 30 day and add to hers. The first 14 she came up with. I changed day 15, which originally supposed to be a drawing, and came up with the rest. I'll start posting on Sunday, with the start of the new month.
Also, I should point out that the challenge I'm doing is for doll makers.
The purpose of the challenge is to upload ONE IMAGE PER DAY! I feel I need to stress this because people are seeing the challenge and not following it correctly. This isn't just a theme challenge. It's called a 30 DAY challenge for a reason, people...
1. Introduction (name, age, ect) 
2. Cosplaying 
3. Genderbent 
4. In a different Doll Maker 
5. As a Mythical Creature
6. As an Animal
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Street Fight
My Young Justice OC Banshee/Sue Long spent a year on the streets, and ended up in more than a couple of street fights. This is right before being found by GA and Speedy and becoming Black Canary's protege, I'll update this description with that story when I've finished it.

I used a screenshot of Miss Martian as a base
Young Justice and it's characters belong to Warner Bros/DC

Banshee belongs to me 
Banshee Season 2
My Young Justice OC Banshee/Sue Long in her outfit for season 2.

Banshee actually starts wearing this between seasons when she leaves the team and goes solo for a little while. She changed up her style to look a little more like her mentor Black Canary, but kept her original colour scheme, even dropping the mask, and grew out her hair.

Young Justice and it's characters belong to Warner Bros/DC
Banshee belongs to me  
Base by:  MOMOpJonny
I'll try
"I-I just can't believe it! I get it, the missions important and dangerous, but to not even tell me? I can't get past that Kaldur." I couldn't even look at him. 

"It was wrong," Kaldur admitted. "Necessary, but wrong." 

"Necessary? Why on earth was it necessary?" I felt the urge to scream. 

"Well, Dick-" he tried. 

"Dick," I growled, interrupting him. "Of course it was Dick." I didn't care how much Barb liked him, that little birdy was getting his wings clipped. "The moment your gone I'm gonna let him have it!" 

"Sue, please," Kaldur took hold of my arm. "Dick suggested it, but it was my choice." My hand clenched into a fist, but I said nothing. He could have a chance to explain himself. 

"I love you, but I know what you're like. All it would take is a moment, and everything we've worked for is gone. A single mistake is all it would take. Even being here right now is a huge risk." He was right. If he was caught here with me, who knows what manta would do to him. 

"I lied, I kept secrets, and I'm going to have to leave soon, but I have to ask, do you think you could ever forgive me?" He asked.

I met his eyes. He was here, for now at least, but he would be gone soon enough, back to his father, back to being the enemy. He was putting his life on the line right now to be with me. As he had just said, a single mistake was all it could take, and this was a pretty damn big mistake. Yet I was still mad. I still felt betrayed. I pulled my arm free of his grip, and entwined my fingers with his. 

"I'll try," I promised. 

He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. 

"That's all I could wish for." 

This is my young justice OC Banshee/Sue long with her love interest Aqualad/Kaldur'ahm, and AHHHHHHHH! Doesn't Kaldur look awesome!? This was my first time drawing him and I'm so happy with how he came out!

This is a little scene set in season 2 when Kaldur is pretending to be a traitor. Initially Dick, Wally, Artemis and Kaldur decided not to let Sue in on the plan, as she can be a bit of a lose cannon at times, and with such a dangerous mission, they couldn't take any chances. Eventually though, Artemis couldn't lie to her best friend anymore and told her. Sue was upset for a long time and took a short leave of absence from the team to deal with the fact all three of her best friends and her boyfriend had been lying to her for months. 

During "depths" (s2 ep7) when Kaldur meets secretly with Dick, Wally and Artemis, Dick arranges for Sue and Kaldur to see each other, and the above scene happens.

Used a screenshot of Wally/Kid Flash and Artemis as a base.
Young Justice and it's characters belong to Warner Bros/DC
Banshee belongs to me  
Hey there!
Quick Bio for Banshee (young justice oc)

Name: Banshee

Alias: Sue Long

Powers/Abilities: Banshee Scream, martial arts training

Age: 16

Mentor: Black Canary/Dinah Lance

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Love Interest: Kaldur/Aqualad

Best Friends: Artemis and Wally/Kid Flash

Personality: She's a peace maker and always willing to help others, but internalises her own problems, refusing help. Though she is trust worthy, it is difficult for her to trust others and open up. She projects a bubbly, fun-loving, and energetic personality, to cover up her issues. This personality isn't fake, it's just not the full truth. Sue is childish, immature, impulsive, and disrespectful in season 1, but as the season progresses and she goes through some bad stuff she beings to mature quickly. Between seasons 1 & 2 she leaves the team for.... reasons, and by the time she rejoins the team just before season 2, she has matured, learnt respect and is trying to open up to her friends.

Backstory: Sue was born to Ly Suong (from Vietnam) and Brennen Long (from England) when they were both studying science in America. Not long after Sue's birth her mother left, leaving Brennen to raise Sue himself. 
From the moment she could walk and talk, Sue became her fathers greatest experiment. He wanted his daughter to be perfect. His definition of perfect. Which meant she had to be beautiful, intelligent and talented at things like maths and literature. She preferred sports, and excelled in soccer. This caused friction between them as Brennen wanted his daughter to attend lectures and take part in science fairs while Sue wanted to join the local sport teams. This was a problem for the pair, but it was what Brennen did next that truly hurt his daughter.
After the appearance of sidekicks like Robin, Kid flash etc, Brennen realised that his daughter could never be 'perfect' as long as she was an ordinary human. So he began to expose her to various chemicals and radiation, convinced she could develop meta-human abilities.
When Sue was 15, after three years of experimentation, her powers manifested. In one of her many arguments with her father, one of her screams sent her father flying and shattered the windows. Realising what she could do, Sue took her chance and ran away, to escape her father, before he could find anything more to do to her.
Sue wandered the streets for a few months after that, living off what she could find or steal, and eventually, she was found by Green Arrow and Speedy. When they discovered her power, they called in Black Canary.
Sue was initially against working with Black Canary, she had lost all trust in others thanks to her father, but through persistence Canary was able to convince Sue to join her. Canary trained Sue in both how to use her powers and martial arts.
Sue joined the team on Independence Day with Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad.

Used a screenshot of Miss Martain as a base.
Young Justice belongs to Warner Bros/DC
Banshee belongs to me 
This is my young justice oc, Banshee. I'm still working out her story, but she's Black Canary's protege and is with the team from day one. She has the same powers as Black Canary, but calls it her Banshee Scream instead of Canary Cry. This is her season 1 outfit

Base by:  MOMOpJonny


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